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Highfrequencydecisionmaking article

High-Frequency Decision Making: Embracing a Competitive Advantage - TDWI

(Ghost Writer) Because business doesn’t happen in neatly defined batches of time, there’s a big advantage to being able to make decisions in real time to respond to events in the moment. As a result, companies want new applications that incorporate low-latency processing to impact events as they happen.

Clouds article

Hadoop and Spark: A Match Made in (Big Data) Heaven - Dataconomy

(Ghost Writer) If you listen in on what people are talking about at Big Data conferences, chances are you’ll hear a lot of buzz around Hadoop and Spark. People often think of Hadoop and Apache Spark as key tools for tackling a wide range of big data challenges, but they assume that they have to choose one tool over the other.

Star wars article
MapR Technologies

The Big Data Guide to Star Wars Vehicles | MapR

(Ghost Writer) One of the many high points in Disney’s Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens movie was the return of several classic ships and other vehicles from the original trilogy, as well as the introduction of innovative, new types of vehicles. With all the advanced technology on these ships, one can’t help but wonder what kind of big data software and analytics they would be using for threat assessment and prediction, mission planning, and enemy ship tracking and identification.

Myriad services architecture article

Executive Viewpoint 2016 Prediction: MapR - Container Technology Will Change the Way We Deploy Data Services | Virtual-Strategy Magazine

(Ghost Writer) 2015 has become known as the year of “fast data,” which refers to your ability to process big data in real time so that you can act on it as at arrives. Fast data is enabled through a whole range of technologies, including in-memory databases, event processing, and hybrid data stores. Now, with declining memory prices and commodity hardware, “fast data” is now available to mainstream companies.

Smart sensor basketball iot article
MapR Technologies

Swish! Internet of Things Arrives on the Basketball Court

(Ghost Writer): Lots of kids play basketball, but end up quitting if they don’t have access to real coaching. In the US alone, over 20 million children registered for sports. By age 13, 70% of those kids stopped playing. Enter the 94Fifty® Smart Sensor Basketball, created by InfoMotion Sports Technologies. Although it looks like a regular basketball, it’s much more.

Antpost blog image2 article
MapR Technologies

Top 3 Ways Ant-Man and MapR are Similar | MapR

(Ghost Writer): As you probably know (unless you’ve been living under an ant hill), Ant-Man is a fictional superhero who first appeared in Marvel comic books, and he’s also a proud founding member of The Avengers. He made his debut on the big screen recently with the advent of this summer’s blockbuster movie, “Ant-Man,” which has, as of last week, already earned $116.8 million at the domestic box office, and $234 million worldwide.

Datainformed article

Hot? Warm? Cold? Which Data Should You Move to Hadoop?

(Ghost Writer): Most likely, you are acutely aware of the growing amount of data in your organization. How do you store all that data in a cost-effective, timely manner? If you are looking to offload some of that data to Apache Hadoop, you’ll need to truly understand your data warehouse environment in order to determine if you are moving the right data to the right place – which data is hot, which is cold, and what does that mean in terms of where it should be stored? -

Aadhaar logo 2 article
MapR Technologies

Architecting the World's Largest Biometric Identity System: The ...

(Ghost Writer): The Unique Identification (Aadhaar) project was created in order to provide every resident of India with a unique identification number that can be used to access a variety of services and benefits. The project enables residents in India to receive food coupons, receive cooking gas deliveries, open checking accounts, apply for loans, insurance, pensions, property deeds, etc. In addition, the program makes it possible for the Indian government to make sure that welfare benefits go directly to the right person.

Dna genomics big data science article
MapR Technologies

Renaissance in Medicine: Next-Generation Big Data Workloads | MapR

(Ghost Writer): At the Strata + Hadoop World 2014 conference held in New York, Allen Day, Principal Data Scientist for MapR, gave a fascinating talk titled “Renaissance in Medicine: Next-Generation Big Data Workloads,” where he showcased how ETL and MapReduce can be applied in a clinical session.

Solutionary case study activeguard article

How Cisco Helped Solutionary Boost Security and Improve their ...

(Ghost Writer): Every day, security threats continue to evolve, as cyber attackers continue to exploit gaps in basic security controls. In fact, the federal government alone has experienced a 680% increase in cyber security breaches in the past six years, and cybersecurity attacks against the US average 117 per day.


Using a Technology Tool to Harvest Data

(Ghost Writer): Consumers generate an enormous amount of transaction and interaction data when they research, buy, and discuss products and services.

MapR Technologies

Qualcomm and MapR: Accelerating Innovation for the Internet of ...

(Ghost Writer): Internet of Everything (IoE) is here today and is rapidly evolving. With the number of connected things estimated to reach 25B by 2020, IoE will unleash a new era of opportunity for both businesses and individuals.

MapR Technologies

Big Data and Apache Hadoop for Government

Government agencies collect vast amounts of data every single day. In order to make the most out of this fast-growing volume of data, the Obama Administration created the “Big Data Research and Development Initiative” which included an investment of over $250 million in big data throughout its federal agencies

MapR Technologies

Big Data and Apache Hadoop for Financial Services

Financial services organizations around the world are experiencing drastic change. The global financial crisis of 2008 resulted in the failing of scores of banks, which also impacted incomes, jobs, and wealth. As a result, financial institutions need to work hard to avoid the repeat of such a crisis.

Stringio article
MapR Technologies

Big Data and Apache Hadoop for Advertising, Media and ...

The digital advertising world is evolving at a breakneck pace. By utilizing Hadoop to capture and analyze clickstream, transaction, video and social media data, digital advertisers are able to spot trends and patterns, unearth new relationships, and optimize their ad campaigns by adjusting campaign tactics in real time.